BM Community Rules

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  • This thread will detail our current Community guidelines and rules that all players must follow when contributing or participating in any BoehMod-related activity on any of our games, platforms or creations.

    1. Respect all Players and Staff:
    It is necessary to respect every players right to speak and to be spoken to with respect and friendliness. We do not appreciate players who are toxic or give off a disrespectful vibe, especially towards new players.

    2. Exploitation and Cheating:
    All players in our community have the right to enjoy our content and games, free from exploitation and cheating. We do not appreciate users who promote cheating, exploitation or glitch-abuse.

    3. Player/Account Security and Safety:
    Every players in our community has the right to play in a secure and safe environment, free from viruses and malicious/disturbing content. We do not appreciate users who sell hacked/stolen accounts, no matter the game. We also do not appreciate players who upload viruses/malicious content to our Discord server.

    4. Age Restriction:
    We want to ensure that our Discord server follows the Discord Terms of Service, which includes their strict 13+ age restriction rule. Please refrain from attempting to connect to our Community Discord if you are under the 13 year age limit.

    5. Impersonation & Account Duplication
    Creating duplicate accounts on any of our affiliated platforms (including our released projects) will result in punishment and could result in both your main and duplicate accounts being terminated from the affiliated platform. This also includes impersonating a staff member (mini-modding).

    6. Code Source & Game Files Redistribution
    Please refrain from redistributing assets or code from our creations. This includes screenshots or snippets of compiled, de-compiled, obfuscated and de-obfuscated code from our games and mods. Many users utilise this for fear mongering or bragging, which leads to toxicity within the community.

    7. 3rd Party & Malicious Content/Threats
    Please do not post any content that is not affiliated with BoehMod or the platforms that we're based on (our Discord, Website, Forums, etc). This is to protect our player-base from inappropriate/malicious content. This includes links to 3rd party websites, discord servers and server advertisements. We also have a zero-tolerance policy against threats towards other members of the community.

    If you wish to report a player who is breaking any of these official BoehMod rules, report them to our Forums here. If you believe that you are under threat or a player is breaking any of our Discord rules, you should definitely consider the following procedures to ensure your safety is not at risk:

    1. Block/Remove the user form your friends list and communication
    Remove the user from your friends list and any other social platform/means of contact to ensure that the user can no longer contact you outside of our community Discord server.

    2. Mute the user on our Discord Server
    Mute the user by right-clicking their profile and clicking the Mute button form the drop down.

    3. Report the player to Discord
    If you believe that the player is breaking Discord terms of service rules, report the user to Discord here.