BM Staff Legislation

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  • The following legislation must be accepted and following by each and every member of the BoehMod staff team. If you have reason to believe that a Staff member is breaking this legislation, please report them to our Forums here.

    Player Respect:
    Staff must respect all players no matter what the situation. Staff must show that they are fully capable of communicating with any players and must provide help without regarding the players personal interest or well-being. Staff must do the best of their ability to assist any player who is in need of help and understand that they represent the welfare of the entire staff team.

    Grammar & Communication:
    Staff must show great communication whilst communicating with a player. This includes the use of proper grammar and spelling. Staff must understand that they are representing the entire BoehMod team and that their communication skills are hugely included.

    Staff members must keep all discussion between the BoehMod staff team confidential. This includes direct messages, private messages, group chats and meetings. Staff must never converse private discussion to any members of the public.

    Staff members must never abuse their powers or privileges to their own personal advantage. Staff must understand that the permissions and powers that they are granted are for staff-related use only and must not be used for their own desires.

    Alternate Accounts:
    The use of alt-accounts is not permitted on any of our platforms, social websites or games. This includes having two or more accounts for any website or game that is affiliated with BoehMod.

    Drama & Gossip:
    Staff members are not permitted to participate in acts of drama or gossip. This includes conspiracies, witch-hunting, or wrongful speculation of other staff, players or topics. This toxic behaviour is damaging and condemned on every level.

    Remote Player Contact:
    Staff members are not permitted to discuss Staff-related/BoehMod-related topics with players out-side the vicinity of official BoehMod community networks or sites (such as Discord, the Forums, etc).

    Remote Discord Server Contact:
    Staff members are not permitted to participate in any 3rd-party servers that may inflict conflict of interest amongst the staff team and community. This includes participating in servers that break any of our community rules or entice drama.

    Extra Security Measures:
    Staff are required to set up 2-step authentication on both Discord and any other BoehMod-affiliated social media platforms. It's vital that all staff members completely secure their accounts and details.

    If you are believed to have broken any of these provided rules and regulations, you will be thoroughly investigated by the Managers and Administrators of the BoehMod staff team. The action taken in return for breaking any of ours rules can range from a verbal warning to a permanent discharge from the staff team.

    Rational Acceptance
    As a staff member, you are expected to follow all staff legislation and rules. You are also expected to accept any sudden demotion or promotion rationally. If you have concerns about sudden demotions and promotions, you can contact the staff team managers or administrators.