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    In order to protect Decimation (our "Minecraft Mod") and the staff/members of the Decimation community, we have created a set of rules that you must follow upon downloading and using our Minecraft Mod. This is an agreement between You and Us (BoehMod). This agreement describes several terms and conditions that we wish for you to follow whilst using the Minecraft Mod. We hate long, boring license agreements as much as you probably do, and because of that this license agreement will be kept short and understandable. Breaking any of the following rules and/or disagreeing with this agreement may result in us disabling your ability to play our Minecraft Mod.

    If you play or download our Minecraft Mod, you are agreeing to follow our end user license agreement ("EULA") rules and terms. If you do not want to agree to our rules, you can not play our Minecraft Mod. This EULA consists of all major interest points that relate to our Minecraft Mod, including our anti-cheat system. Please read through this EULA carefully.

    Using Our Mod
    You've been given the opportunity to play our Minecraft Mod, free from restrictions, on any device that supports it. You have the ability to privately redistribute our Minecraft Mod, free from alterations, to other people. You do not have permission to redistribute our Minecraft Mod publicly without given permission. Your ability to play our Minecraft Mod may change if you break any of our provided EULA terms.

    Our Anti-cheat
    We have a solid, public in-game anti-cheat ("Anti-cheat System") that simply checks your mods and files to ensure that no hacked clients ("Hacks") or injections ("Injections") have been installed. By agreeing to our EULA, you are allowing our client-side Anti-cheat System to do this. Our staff and administrative team ("Staff Team") also have the ability to check your client for Hacks. If the Staff Team are suspicious of your activity, they have permission to use our in-game screenshot command that sends us a screenshot of your current in-game view via our servers ("Minecraft Server") network tunnel. You understand that any Minecraft screenshots that we take can be used as evidence to back in-game punishments. You also understand that this Screenshot can be shared amongst our Staff team to ensure the punishment and evidence is justified. Players can also request to view the evidence of their punishment, but are not guaranteed access if we no longer have said evidence.

    Anti-cheat Screenshot Feature
    The screenshot is saved on your client as a buffered image in the same way Minecraft saves screenshots using the F2 hot key. The Anti-cheat System and Staff Team do not save or preserve any information and the screenshot is temporarily cached, and then deleted when the staff team closes the Anti-cheat System user interface. No non-staff or 3rd-party individual can view or save this screenshot. By agreeing to our EULA, you give us full permission to do so, as well as permission to 3rd party server owners, too. Please note that this feature can be used by administrators of any server that uses Decimation and can only be used by those who have access to the command (via a command permission or node). You agree to understanding these conditions of the Anti-cheat System.

    General Stuff
    We have the right to change this EULA at any time, should we wish to add/alter the agreement terms. You must also read and accept the official BoehMod community rules and guidelines, which can be found here.