Deci Setup & Installation

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  • There are several different methods of downloading and installing Decimation. The most common method is via Curseforge, with other options including the Technic Launcher and Twitch Launcher. We've provided several step-by-step installation guides for each method. There are no specific changes to the mod itself for each method, however the method of initialising and updating the mod itself may vary.

    - Installation via Curseforge:
    Installing the Decimation mod via Curseforge is the most difficult, but fairly easy, method to installing Decimation. It involves downloading the mod .jar file and manually placing it into a Forge installation of your Minecraft environment.

    1. Install Forge for Minecraft 1.7.10
    You can download the Forge 1.7.10 installer from here. If you are running on Windows 7 or higher, click "Windows Installer", if you are running on another OS, click "Installer". Once the installer has downloaded, run the installer and ensure that Minecraft Forge 1.7.10 has been installed to your Minecraft directory.

    You'll be able to check that Forge has been installed by opening your launcher and finding a Forge 1.7.10 game version in your profiles settings. Run the game once using this profile settings and then close it once you've reached the vanilla main menu.

    2. Downloading Decimation from Curseforge
    This is a simple step that requires you to visit the Curseforge Decimation page to download the latest mod .jar file. Head over to the Curseforge Decimation page and click "Download Latest File" at the top right-hand side of the page.

    This will download the latest version of the Decimation mod as a .jar file. Depending on your web browser, it may be identified as a virus. This is common with .jar files and the mod is safe to download from this website.

    3. Installing Decimation onto Forge 1.7.10
    This is a slightly more difficult step, but is quite simple if you following these instructions thoroughly. In order to install Decimation onto Forge 1.7.10, we need to navigate to Minecrafts working directory. This can be done via a selection of ways, but in this tutorial we will be showing the Windows OS method.

    From your Desktop, click "Start", and search "run" in the start menu search prompt. Press enter and you should be greeted by a new window called "run". In the "Open:" text prompt, type '%appdata%' and hit enter (or click the "Ok" button.

    This will then take you to your /appdata/Roaming directory on your computer. From there, you will notice a ".minecraft" folder. Open this directory and find the folder marked "mods". Simply drag the latest Decimation .jar file into that location.

    Once complete, run Minecraft with the Forge 1.7.10 profile and allow Decimation to install itself.

    - Installation via the Technic Launcher:
    The Technic Launcher approach to installing Decimation is a much more simple solution, considering it's a Minecraft launcher made primarily for running mods/modpacks.

    This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to install Decimation using the Technic Launcher.

    1. Install the Technic Launcher
    You can download the installer for the Technic Launcher from here. There are several different versions of the installer that you can download, depending on which type of OS you are using. For this tutorial, we will be downloading the Windows OS supported installer.

    Once downloaded, run the installer and follow the setup steps until you've successfully installed the Technic Launcher. For more help on installing the Technic Launcher, head over to their Support Help Center.

    2. Install the Decimation Modpack
    Now that the Technic Launcher has installed, run the Launcher and log in with your Minecraft log-in details (The same details used on the default Minecraft launcher).

    Once you have successfully logged into the Launcher, head over to the "Modpack" tabs and search "Decimation".

    In the search results, you should find a modpack named "Decimation - Official Mod". Click on that modpack and click the "Download" button located at the bottom right of the screen.

    Once installed, the "Install" button will be replaced with a "Play" button, which will then allow you to play the Decimation mod on a pre-installed Forge environment.