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  • Prologue:
    The “Decimation War” (Commonly known as “the aftermath”) was the outbreak of the political and ideological tension between the two largest world powers: The Soviet Union and the United States of America. After a mutual victory over Nazi Germany and the Japanese Empire in 1945, both nations split their temporary alliance due to extensive differences between each other in both political and economic ideologies and opinions. Shortly after this split, both nations began production of new militarized technology and recruited a vast percentage of their populations into various different military-fields (Most commonly Infantry/Air force). Over the course of 3 decades, both world powers spent a tremendous amount of resources and government budget on military and homeland security.

    The first acts of tension:
    A few more decades later, tension continued to rise as the Soviet Union began to push more of their military force against their western border (Specifically the Ukrainian SSR and Moldavian SSR regions) which lead to a militarized coalition between Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania in a panicked response. Several negotiations began to take place between The United States of America and the EU (Which mostly consisted of questions related to resolving the possible issues that may take place in the east).

    The founding of the UAHD:
    The United States of America began to work alongside various European countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, New Germany, Poland, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. All nations signed a military contract that would bind all Military-aspects of each country into 1 extensive military force, which would then be known as “UAHD” or The United Alliance of Homeland Defence. All though the UAHD was to be controlled by all nations as one (When needed), The United States of America would take over most control (Being the most fit for purpose and providing the most assets and resources).

    Conflict between the UAHD and Soviet Union:
    After several counter-productive years, a large border was set up between the Soviet Union and UAHD nations with allowed civilian integration when accepted. With a larger population growing on both sides of the border, both nations began to invest in Bio-chemical weapons that could take out a large population of people without causing too much destruction. Both nations would take interest in weapons that would allow for mass fatality but still preserve resources left behind after the initial attack.

    The beginning of the Decimation War:
    The Decimation War began after conflict heated in the Pacific. A large bio-chemical weapon was tested by the Soviet Union on Hawaii, killing the majority of its population. This was seen as a full-on attack from the Soviet Union against the UAHD but was claimed to have been an “accident and mismatch of coordination” by the Soviet Union Ambassador in Washington. Whether the Soviet Union was lying or not, they knew that the UAHD would respond with a much larger and deadlier attack.

    The aftermath of the Decimation War:
    Less than 4 hours after the attack on Hawaii, the UAHD launched 5 bio-chemical weapons into the Soviet Union capital, killing 30% of the Soviet Union's abled infantry. This lead to a chain reaction of militarized responses from each side, thus starting the “Decimation War”. The war was named the Decimation War based on the fact that both sides were attempting to erase as much of the opposing forces population. After 2 weeks of devastating bio-chemical attacks from both sides, more than 1.3 billion infantrymen and civilians were killed in action. Almost 75% of earth had been covered in a thick contagious mix between Soviet Union and UAHD bio-chemical poison, which lead to the virus now known as “ABV”.

    The Outbreak:
    Following the aftermath of the biochemical warfare, both military forces spent the next 5 years losing and gaining territory over Europe, Asia and the Americas. Most militarized fortresses were reestablished or re-vamped by each nation, hence why most abandoned militarized fortresses to this day contain both Soviet and Americanized military resources. After these 5 years, both nations realized that the ABV virus was almost out of hand and couldn’t be contained, thus both nation paused conflicts between each other and began to attempt to create a cure. The UAHD spent more than 10 trillion dollars funding the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and ECDC (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, whilst the Soviet Union established a new federally controlled group known as the SPDI (Soviet Peoples Defence of Infection). After tiresome decade of finding a cure for the ABV, neither nation succeeded, thus leading to the ABV spanning across more than 90% of the worlds land.

    The year is now 2057, with no world power or government in existence, it’s now up to the last unknown survivors of this viral outbreak to attempt to survive the wasteland and recreate civilization as it was once known. All though there are no more world powers, a large quantity of UAHD naval vessels and aircraft still exist to this day that supply various small powers that run rampant in the wastelands.

    Rumors and Speculations:
    There are several rumors that thee UAHD have re-established civilization in the arctic (Seeing as the virus cannot withstand increasingly cold environments), but there is yet to be any evidence of this. Some believe that new civilization has began on other planets, but that’s also yet to be proven.