Deci Server Setup

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  • This is a quick step by step tutorial on how to install a Decimation Server using the provided server tools/template. You can get the server tools/template from here. Please use the following tutorial to successfully set up a Server for Decimation:

    Files & Mod Setup:
    Copy all files from the .Zip file into a new folder. (Call the folder something like "Decimation Server") Once all files have been copied from the .Zip file into the new folder, download the latest version of Decimation from our Website ( and place the .jar file into your /mods/ folder.

    Configuring and Launching:
    Open the file and ensure that all necessary properties have been set (Please make sure to include the server ip in your file. If your properties file only shows "localhost", your Server will NOT be added to the Decimation community server list. Double click the (for linux, use the command phrase: 'sudo sh' ). If neither of these methods work, you will have to open a command prompt and use the command 'java -jar thermos.jar'.

    Post-Launch Help:
    5. Once the start script has loaded, enter "thermos.jar" as the designated jar file, then type your designated RAM amount (example: "4G", "512M"). The Server has successfully launched! Once the server has launched, several new files will be created in your servers main directory, (Such as Be sure to configure these settings appropriately.

    If you have any further questions, be sure to check out our Decimation FAQ, or if you cannot find help there, create a new thread on our Decimation forums section.