Deci Guide: How-To Make Cocaine

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  • Deci Guide: How-To Make Cocaine.
    Cocaine creation is one of the most lucrative forms of money-making in Decimation. If you are looking to become one of the top Decimation players on your server, learning to make cocaine should be your #1 priority.
    • Part 1: The Tools.
      • To make cocaine, there are a few necessary items that you must bring along with you to be successful.

        These are the five items required to create cocaine. It’s convenient because it’s all at one trader!
        • Trimming Scissors: Used in the first part of the process, the scissors are for collecting Coca Leaves on the coca plants located at the cocaine lab.
        • Battery and Jerry Can: These are for the part in the process after combining the Chopped Coca Leaves with either limeade or canned limes, you place both of these items in your hotbar and then place your Dusted Coca Leaves, and right-click the washing machines to create Dusted Coca Leaves (Pasty).
        • Acid Canister: These are for the final step before the Cocaine Produce is formed! You place this item in your hotbar along with your Dusted Coca Leaves (Pasty). After that, you must start on the left side of your hotbar and go to the right with each Cocaine Produce created (if you go right to left, you will waste Dusted Coca Leaves (Pasty) and lose on the total product created.
        • Packaging Paper: This is the item used to increase the value of your Cocaine Product, you put both the paper and finished product into your crafting table to produce packaged cocaine to sell at traders or store in your bank.
    • Part 2: The Gear.
      • In order to survive the creation process, you need a specific set of armor. This gear is called the Hazmat Suit. It protects you from the dangerous process of creating the finished product.
      • Hazmat Suit pieces can either be found in the Bagman 1-3 kits or located around the map in various military-grade crates and vehicles like jeeps, tanks, and regular green military loot crates.

        Here is a picture of each piece of the Hazmat Suit:
    • Part 3: Creating Cocaine.
      • Step 1: You take the trip from spawn and go to the cocaine lab at its respective location depending on the map (NYC or Bukovka).

      • Step 2: Once you arrive, your first step is to cut Coca Leaves off the coca plants by right-clicking the coca plant using your Trimming Scissors.
        Note:4 Coca Leaves will make 64 (1 stack) of Chopped Coca Leaves. So you need 1 limeade for each chopped leaf created
        • Cocaine Plant:

        • Recipe for Chopped Leaves:
      • Step 3: This is where the fun begins, you go into the main cooking room where you should find a Washing Machine and an Acid Tray.
        • Grab one stack of Chopped Coca Leaves and one stack of limeade (or canned limes), this is what you will use to create your first stack of Cocaine Produce.

        • Next, you will place the Chopped Coca Leaves and limes into your crafting menu, and you will create Dusted Coca Leaves

        • Recipe for Dusted Coca Leaves:
      • Step 4: Once you have your Dusted Coca Leaves in your inventory, you have to put your Battery and Jerry Can in your hotbar (I suggest placing them in the 9th and 8th position in the hotbar) Then, fill the rest of the hotbar with the Dusted Coca Leaves. Now, you should select the hotbar position at the farthest left position that contains the Dusted Coca Leaves.

      • Step 5: Once you have turned all Dusted Coca Leaves into Dusted Coca Leaves (Pasty), you can remove the Jerry Can and Battery from your hotbar, replacing it with the Acid Canister (9th hotbar slot recommended). Then fill the rest of your hotbar with coca leaves.
        THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: in order not to waste any Cocaine Produce, you must start from the left side of your hotbar and move right, with each right-click on the acid trays.

      • Step 6: Rinse and repeat parts 3-5 until you run out of the original stack of Chopped Leaves and Limeade (or canned limes).
    • Part 4: Finishing the job.
      • The most important part of any cocaine job in Decimation is to make sure you have ample guarding against enemies by your teammates, and a proper escape plan (whether it is a tpa back to spawn or by walking back guarded by friends)

      • Once you’re back in spawn, this is when you should immediately return to the convenience trader to package your finished product.
        NOTE: you need one packaging paper per finished product so it’s a 1:1 ratio just like the leaves and lime recipe.

      • Once finishing all the steps and obtaining Packaged Cocaine you can now find the maps drug dealer. The location of the dealer will be hidden to make it a little more difficult for you guys!

        (If any crafting recipes are missing please refer to our "Crafting Recipe" guide)