About me~!


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Hello! I'm Nightly Gaming or Andrewrc11! I'm currently a high schooler, working to get myself up to the top with the big boys on Decimation, meaning I'm trying to make staff when I hit 16 and work myself up. Helping people has always been a passion of mine so getting a job where I can help a lot of people each day would be awesome.

A few facts~
~ I have the dream jobs of running and owning a romantic fancy restaurant, go into singing or a book-making career, voice acting, or anything where I can manage a team.
~ I've voice acted a lot before
~ Been into drama and acting for a while.
~ I love cooking, art, music, and I have a passion for helping out people.
~ I'm 15,4 feet 9 inches tall, and I have green eyes.

I've had ups and downs in life, made a lot of mistakes, but now I'm trying to focus on what I wanna do in the future. I'm friendly with a lot of the staff and I would like to think I am the same with other Boehmod members. A current goal of mine is to make Boehmod and the Boehmod forums a welcoming and friendly place, with nice players and staff. I would love to answer any questions you have for me, feel free to comment all of them. Bye!~ UwU


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Woke up to a thunderstorm, 4 AM lol. Just watching BF a buncha lightning. Raining too hard and too much thunder to sleep.