Hello Peoples


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My IGN is: A1phaw01f
My Discord is: (IGN)A1phaw01f#1665

My age is: 22

I play on US Bukovka.

I like just about any songs just not rap or heavy, but my fav is NightCore.

I love anime I been to USA Phoenix,AZ ComiFest 2 years ago was pretty fun went with a friend i met at QT next to my work we got a hotel with each other she went as the MC from AoT and the next day the MC from my hero academia.. and no I didn't dress up it was my first time going so I just payed for a wolf tail that clips on to your jeans and the thing was great when i walked it swayed so it was worth 20$ XD and you ask my why I get that I'll say I had nothing on while my friend was wearing stuff so i got something.. I'm a really nice person if I like you but if not then I'm annoying but I'm still annoying sometimes..

I read someone comics on a App on my phone I'm not saying the name cause i don't want a reason for this to be token down.. i can say the names of the comics tho I'm pretty sure so i read "The Gamer" on it and a few others like "I Love Yoo" but yeah on to my fav anime...

I love Bleach, G.A.T.E, The Shield Hero, OVERLORD and just a lot of other Isekai animes. If staff want me to remove the names please be kind and reply and tell me to.

I been playing Deci for a long time around from 2015 anyone know the old bridge spawn, and the good old days of /Vault 11 i dont remember how many there were but yeah ranks were OP back then now you just get /tpa and ! and like 30 kits with a 12 hour cool down with highest rank as of RN there might be more coming. I have known Matt awhile back but lost my old discord so haven't been able to message him SO Matt hit me up again the Discord will stay the same for a while until I get my old one back then I'm moving back to my old one..

I have been a Supporter on Deci for a while until my card had to be reported lost so I didn't sub again but if I keep having fun on Deci i will once again Support.

People think I'm a furry because of my name but I'll tell you NO U because I only had it because i love wolves because i just think they look awesome and how they work as a team is great.. Plus doggos are great to i got like 1 of my own thats living with my mom until my house gets fixed up more because THERE WAS A SCORPION on my bed when i was enjoying some good old anime i saw it out of the corner of my eye crawling to me about a 1 foot away so i got up and looked for something to get it with i found a fork and started stabbing XD no joke tho... but yeah thats why no doggos at my house yet because scorpions can kill my beloved doggo and i don't want Abby to be dead shes a sweet doggo..

ANYWAYS thats about too much nobody's going to read all this anyways if you did give me a like if you enjoyed it and reply if I should rant more i still got LOTS and hit me up on Discord if you want i got it on friends only because people are weird and should just delete there discord XD

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed IF i do edit I'll do something below like EDIT1 or 2 or 3 so your will know